Equine Health Care

How to Care for Your Horses Feet

By Giles Tingley Master Farrier

Expert Advice By Giles Tingley Master Farrier

This summer has been one of the driest in recent memory and has posed many horse owners problems with dry brittle feet leading to hoof cracks and bits of foot breaking off.

I strongly believe that the art of good foot care is similar the whole year round as there are certain considerations that stay the same.

1. Bacteria from faeces. The bacteria found in horse manure has a detrimental effect on hoof health so stabled horses benefit from regular skipping out and having their feet picked out twice a day. As do field horses

2. Hoof oils that have antibacterial properties are my personal recommendation and if they are greasy in texture they will tend to stay on the foot that bit longer.

3. Regular farriery. Make sure your farrier gets to see your horse/pony at regular intervals, a good trim will help reduce the risk of cracking and feet breaking up and they will be able to give on the spot advice or answer any concerns you have.

In short with a bit of effort, some care and attention and a regular visit from your farrier you should survive the summer and retain the use of your beloved animal.

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