HRP Award Winning Saddle Pads

By HRP Equestrian

Helen Ross is a former model and single mother self made entrepreneur who invented a revolutionary award-winning pressure-relief saddle pad.

Helen put herself through University as a mature student studying equine science, designed the pads to reduce pressure across a horse’s spine during everyday activities and advanced competitions.

Hartpury University research lecturers provided independent scientific evidence that the revolutionary HRP wings significantly reduced the pressure on a horses back when being ridden and in fact, there was no pressure at all behind the saddle over the lumbar spine. This evidence was in comparison to conventional saddle pads. At all gaits the mean pressure between the HRP WING™ Saddle Pad and the horse behind the saddle, over the lumbar spinous processes was significantly less than the mean pressure between a conventional square saddle pad and the horse behind the saddle. During trot and canter the HRP WING™ Saddle Pad resulted in no pressure behind the saddle over the lumbar spinous processes.

Her company – HRP Equestrian – won the 2016 British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Innovation award and sponsors Olympic medalists Lucinda Fredericks and Jock Paget, and international event rider Adam Trew. HRP sponsored Jock Paget throughout 2016 and supported his journey to the Olympics in Rio, prior to him leaving the UK and relocating/returning to New Zealand.

The new and innovative design of the HRP saddle pads has obviously caught the attention of certain other manufacturers of saddle pads, as a number of new saddle pads bearing a remarkably similar design to the HRP design have been launched since the BETA show.

Helen Ross, 36, who worked as a fashion model before studying a degree in Equine Science as a mature student, is a single mother and one of her two sons, Hugo, has a rare life- threatening lung condition that means his airways are all too narrow and floppy, so they collapse and obstruct his breathing. It becomes especially bad when he is lays down to sleep.

 Helen, who now lives in Kent, has invented a support device to help him breath at night and has launched a charity – Hugs4Lungs. The charity provides support to parents and families of children with conditions affecting their airways. It will consist of a 24-hour phone line and supply some financial assistance.

 “I am very proud of the winged saddle pads and they were born out of my love for horses and to provide a solution to a problem, so now horses don’t need to suffer pressure induced discomfort and pain” she said. “There is a remarkable and immediate improvement in horses freedom of movement when using the wing pads as opposed to using conventional pads.

 “We are the only legitimate manufacturer and seller of the winged saddle pads which have done so much for the health and safety of horses.”

Patents pending on all designs.


T:0207 859 4393

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