Top Of The Clops "Top 5 Best Rated Products"

By Top Of The Clops

An online tack shop based nr Andover on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border. Open since 2016 and as a small business we strongly believe in customer satisfaction and offering a wide range of products.

Our top 5 best rated products are:

Carrot Ball

BETA 2018 Innovation Award Entrant  

New Intelligent, innovative and unique horse toy. Designed to keep your horse or pony entertained for hours - use in the paddock or in your stable.

Features of Carrot Ball; •  anti burst construction  • its a rubbery soft texture not hard plastic like a treat ball • reduces boredom in stable or field and increases dexterity  • good for horses on box rest or as an alternative to treat ball • can be hung up or put on floor • inflated by a bicycle pump (comes with adaptor not pump) • inflate loosely to start so carrots come out easily to show horse how to use the ball • Hug and tug feature means the greater the pressure the firmer the hold and the longer the fun • can be used with carrots, apple parnsnip, turnip  • quieter than a treat ball so less constant banging noises !

The CarrotBall costs £24.99 and two of our customers horses are shown enjoying it in these photos


Unicorn Groomer

The Vanquish Unicorn Groomer is a magical  two in one grooming tool - sweat scraper and shedding tool.

It has a metal blade that only removes loose hair and cut fur, it will not pull or rip other hair. It also has a rubber strip that will remove excess water, moisture, sweat and helps to remove dust and dirt. This tool is highly effective and is a great addition to your grooming box. It comes in 3 colours and costs £20…

Horse Of London IPhone Cases

These beautiful Iphone 6 or 7 cases are part of the new season of Horse Of London.

They cost £14 and we have limited numbers left in stock

·       Kick On -

·       Dressage Queen -

·       Happy Hacker -

·       Princess wears Boots -

HKM Metallic Brushing Boots

These cost £39.95 per pair and we have a rose gold cob (medium) and full (large) in stock now with all other sizes and colours available on short pre order


Haas Brushes

We just love Haas brushes which are made in Germany. Haas have been manufacturing brushes since 1919. All Haas brushes are made from specially selected  synthetic materials and natural materials such as horse hair and natural fibres. Haas brushes do not have wooden backs and the hand straps are attached before the brush bristles and no nails, screws or pins are used. The strap cannot loosen or be pulled out. This guarantees a long-life brush.

Benefits of the Haas brushes are  • Hygiene (as the brushes are washable) • High stability • Long-life • Easy handling • Water resistant • Accuracy in assembly • Better anchorage of the bristles • No Splintering Inserted hand strap, HAAS patent.

Our Haas brushes are distributed from Germany by United Sportsproducts Germany (USG) to our U.K. wholesaler and therefore Haas Brushes purchased from us will have the USG logo stamped onto them in addition to the Haas branding.

If you send us a photo on social media or email of your horse we will be able to help you chose the right Haas brushes for your horse…

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