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"Fast fibre"
By Zoe P. | 15 Jul 2018
Love it! Great for my laminitic pony who needs to maintain condition with out fizz or bulk. Karen from Allen and page recommended it and haven’t looked back
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"Brilliant "
By Laura S. | 17 Oct 2017
My 33 year old pony struggled last winter to maintain weight, he has lost teeth so therefore struggles on hay/haylage in a stable in winter. I had been recommended fast fibre by a number of people. I eventually tried and since haven't looked back. I tend to only feed this when the grass quality is poor and winter sets in. It worked a treat last winter and I am hoping it does the same this winter. It's vital to feed good quality feed for veterans and this certainly is that.
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"Excellent value and quality"
By Jess S. | 14 Sep 2017
I have been using Allen and Page for about six years, and I would recommend it to anyone. I used their Fast Fibre for my veteran Thoroughbred when he was in work and needed condition without the fizziness derived from some similar feeds. When I retired him aged 22, I changed him on to the Veteran Vitality which he finds very palatable and easy to eat. Given that he is a poor doer, fussy and starting to struggle with his teeth as he gets older, this feed really ticks all the boxes for me. Overall, I trust the quality of this brand and find it achieves what it claims to do.
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"Yard visits"
By Johanna R. | 12 Sep 2017
I have regularly used their offer of free yard visits where a nutritionist with a portable weighing scales comes to your yard . They offer invaluable advice regarding feeding regimes suitable for your horse and weigh your horse at the same time .
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"Great feed selection"
By Mel F. | 26 Jul 2017
A great selection of feeds that will suit most horse owners. Excellent value for money too
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"Fast Fibre substitute for hay or haylage"
By Frances B. | 11 Jul 2017
My horse suffers with her teeth as 24 years old. She cant have anything stalky that could get trapped in between as she gets sore and infected so instead of having her teeth out i have them regularly cleaned and done by the vet and she has her hay replaced with a large bucket of fast fibre when she is in. She loves it and for her age looks amazing, i may put a bit of speedy beet in there to bulk it out and make it go further but i think Fast Fibre is one of the best feeds on the market.
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"Great Horse Feed!"
By Fern W. | 11 Jul 2017
We feed my Connie Power and Performance, she is very muscle bound and I was recommended this feed to prevent her tying up. She's also quite laid back so this gives her a bit more energy without any silliness!
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"Fantastic service, very personal"
By Jennifer H. | 04 Jul 2017
I cannot thank Allen & Page enough! Not only do they come out to me regularly to weigh my horses and amend my feed amounts etc, but their recommendations of feed, especially for a youngster I had who had a bad case of worms, completely transformed my youngsters. They are thriving. I've just bought another foal and will be making sure she's fed the same veteran vitality!
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