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Alison Kenward Dressage

BHS Accredited Professional Coach, Rider and Stable Manager. BD Competition Rider, Trainee Judge. Mindset and Performance Coach. UKCC3.

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Alison Kenward coaches horse and rider partnerships for Dressage competitions. Alison competes Lowmoor Neptune at Elementary and Medium Level. Neptune has now competed at three BD Regionals and the pair are training to make the step up to qualifying for the National Championships.
Alison began her dressage career with Roughway Jack and Langarth Sebastian. Alison and Jack won at all levels from Preliminary to Advanced Medium with career highlights placing at the BD Winter National Championships and representing the BD Central Team. Alison and Sebastian represented England at the 2009 Home International.
Alison blogs about Equestrian life and has several Brand Ambassador Roles sharing her Dressage Adventure with an engaged and supportive audience. Alison has presented at Your Horse Live and Blenheim Horse Trials. Alison creates an exciting Dressage experience for Owners who want to enjoy a high performing training and competition environment with happy and healthy horses.

Key services

  • Experience Dressage Sport with more knowledge and understanding.
  • Understand the needs of a horse and rider partnership.
  • Explore the opportunities of Dressage Horse Ownership.
  • Share the excitement of joining a high performing team.
  • Learn how to develop a horse’s athletic potential.
  • Find out how Freestyle influences a horse’s performance state.
  • Create memories and share special moments.



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"Dressage Tuition"
By lizzie s. | 06 May 2019
Alison recently gave myself and my horse a superb pole work lesson at BRC Camp, Milton Keynes. I specifically wanted to work on medium trot as my young horse is just beginning to move up a level. Alison provided excellent exercises with clear instruction explaining each exercise. My horse not only grasped his first medium strides in the lesson but recently completed his first test with excellent remarks for medium work and 70%+ scores! I would not hesitate to recommend Alison, her knowledge has certainly been very beneficial to myself and my horse.
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"Top Notch Trainer"
By Susan R. | 20 Jan 2019
Very experienced and caters for all levels, thinks out of the box and has the patience of a saint.
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"A lovely lady and fabulous instructor!"
By Rachel M. | 25 Jun 2018
Alison assesses the skills & ability of you & your horse and works with you to get the very best possible. She establishes what your goals are to ensure that she is working towards your own desired results. Alison has many methods, ideas & little tricks to achieve things & overcome any problems that you may be encountering. If one thing doesn’t work you can be sure that she’ll have something else up her sleeve that will! She enjoys teaching and it really shows, she is as delighted as I am when things go well. The lessons are a very enjoyable the time flies by & I always come away smiling.
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"Dessage lessons with Alison"
By Brenda D. | 25 Jun 2018
Absolutely love my lessons with Alison, She can read the horse very well and knows which exercises will really help my sensitive horse to become more supple without getting her wound up, she breaks them down into little sections so that my horse doesn't get confused. i.e. shoulder fore, straighten, to slight outside flexion, then to renver then straighten then a fabulous transition.I always look forward to my next lesson as Alison has a large variety of exercises to show me, if one doesn't work she has plenty more that will.
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"Personalised training "
By Diane U. | 25 Jun 2018
I have had three training sessions with Alison and each time I have come away feeling that my goals can be reached. I have and my horse has greatly improved, each time every thing is explained with a work program to go away with and work on . I have had many different trainers some very high powered I have learnt from them but it always feels as if you are drip fed information, Alison gives her all and wants you to succeed with your journey looking forward now to my journey with her and my horse Stella
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"Training to really improve with."
By Kerry W. | 25 Jun 2018
Alison offers a structured and methodical approach moving on each lesson to address areas of improvement she identifies but also identifies your own goals and develops her training around you and your horses needs. Alison is very easy to communicate with both arranging lessons but during the lessons also. She gives homework in the form of identified areas to work on in simple terms so its easy to remember. I've built up a 'tool kit' of exercises to use at home and during warm ups for competitions which I fall back on regularly. A great trainer in the lesson, but also for ongoing advice.
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"Thought provoking, confidence building"
By Vicki W. | 05 Mar 2018
Alison quickly picks up on things that are bothering you and looks at the best way to conquer them that is suitable for both you and your horse. Speaks plain English to get the point across and is encouraging throughout. Has made me believe that I can do great things with my young horse and my slow approach is best for us both. The session always ends with ‘what will you take away’ that really makes you think and is the basis for things to practice for next time. And following her on FB gives you access to all kinds of coaching tips that I enjoy but wouldn’t have time to seek out myself
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By tamasine t. | 28 Feb 2018
Alison is a very thorough coach. She takes a holistic approach to training and the first port of call (even if you don't realise it at the time) is always to ensure you and your horse are in the right frame of mind for learning. She supports me at competitions - via text if she's not able to be there in person - and is always on the end of the phone to keep me going in the right direction. My connection with my horse, and my scores, have been steadily getting better and I am finding that my approach to competition is so much better - making the whole thing fun again!
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