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Blue Chip Feed Limited was founded in 1996 by Clare Blaskey and was named after her horse, Blue Chip.

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Blue Chip Feed Ltd was founded in 1996 by Clare Blaskey who believed there way a better way to feed horses. Blue Chip Feed were one of the first companies to produce Feed Balancers and although still a relatively new concept, their growth in production is a result of an increase in research into equine nutrition. All of the Balancers at Blue Chip are nutrient dense, contain chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption and bio availability, contain digestive, hoof, respiratory and a full vitamin and mineral package.

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"Fantastic Service & Products!"
By Victoria T. | 15 Sep 2017
We've used Blue Chip for years throughout owning horses. More specifically Blue Chip Lami-Lite for our lamantic pony and Blue Chip Karma for my mare. Both fantastic products and work well. Blue Chip Karma is additionally the only supplement we have found that works well and has the desired effect! Highly recommend Blue Chip to anyone!
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"Save an Old Ponies Life"
By Ann R. | 15 Sep 2017
I bought the original feed balancer after a veteran pony had been out on-loan and had returned in really poor health. We struggled to get weight back on him, and he had next to no muscle left. We struggled on for 2 years, until we discovered Original Blue Chip, within a month marked improvement, 18 months later he was in work doing veteran classes and winning, not bad for a 34yr old. Highly recommended!
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"Buying and using Blue Chip Original "
By Honor A. | 14 Sep 2017
I've always been sceptical when hearing about the benefits of feeding Blue Chip Balancer. Up until the early part of the this year I had never tried feeding it. Just short of 3 years ago a retired racehorse came to live with me. He was in very sorry state. I thought grass and rest would solve his problems, but although he'd improved he still was not right. Teeth, wormed etc. I tried a cheaper feed balancer for about 8 months but still wasn't happy with the way he looked of felt. So I tried Blue Chip Original, within weeks I could see an improvement, now he is glowing with health and wellbeing.
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"Very quick delivery, excellent product"
By Jennifer M. | 14 Sep 2017
Blue Chip balancer has made a huge difference to my 19 year old horse. He looks fantastic and everyone comments on this. He is fitter and stronger than ever and loves his feed. Delivery is always very efficient and the cost is decent for the product quality.
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"Great products, fabulous service"
By Pippa P. | 14 Sep 2017
We have fed Blue Chip original for almost as long as it has been on the market, have tried several other cheaper balancers and seen the effects very quickly, so moved back to Blue Chip. Their mail order service is excellent, the advice line is very good and the products speak for themselves in the way the horses look and feel. I also collect the tokens off the bags so every 9th bag is effectively free - making the cost stack up compared with other balancers too!
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By Lorna C. | 14 Sep 2017
We have used Blue Chip feed balancer for many years with huge success for our show and competition horses. Everyone comments on how well they look. I always order my blue chip through their website as this is easy and quick. It's free delivery and we get a discount as BSJA members. I also collect the tokens for a free 9th bag and free merchandise so I really feel blue chip is a fantastic value product and essential to our success.
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By Sarah T. | 13 Sep 2017
Used the original since it came onto the market used every horse I've had now using Senior for my 24 yr old dressage horse He looks fabulous and this is thanks to blue chip and lots of love ❤️
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"Blue chip feed balances "
By T. | 13 Sep 2017
I use blue chip feed balances on my daughters dressage horses, notice a massive difference if we run out for a few weeks. I recently tried a different brand (after using blue chip for over 10 years) and although cheaper my horses coat condition deteriorated and the youngster lost weight. Really good balancer for overall condition, healthy hooves and weight.
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"Fantastic feed"
By Maria M. | 13 Sep 2017
Blue chip is, without doubt, one of the UK' s best and most trusted feed companies. I have always trusted Blue Chip to take care of my horses, and my newest horse was no different. When she arrived she was a scruffy three year old who needed help to grow and mature. Blue chip balancer put a shine on her full coat and put the right amount of weight on her. I could rest easy knowing she was getting all the vitamins and minerals she needed to help her mature. Now I have a shining rising five year-old who is happy and healthy. She enjoys her balancer and I won't change feed companies ever again!
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"Outstanding "
By Eleri H. | 13 Sep 2017
My horses have never looked so good! All thanks to blue chip feed. Even my 18 year old pony is looking fabulous and younger than ever.
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