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Blue Chip Feed Limited was founded in 1996 by Clare Blaskey and was named after her horse, Blue Chip.

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Blue Chip Feed Ltd was founded in 1996 by Clare Blaskey who believed there way a better way to feed horses. Blue Chip Feed were one of the first companies to produce Feed Balancers and although still a relatively new concept, their growth in production is a result of an increase in research into equine nutrition. All of the Balancers at Blue Chip are nutrient dense, contain chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption and bio availability, contain digestive, hoof, respiratory and a full vitamin and mineral package.

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By Hazel S. | 13 Sep 2017
We have used blue chip balancers for all our horses over the years. Blue chip original, lami and senior. The results speak for themselves. Outstanding coat condition, less hard feed required, happy healthy horses. Far better than other brands we have tried.
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"Blue Chip Senior Balancer"
By Julie S. | 13 Sep 2017
I've been using this for two months now and have seen a significant improvement in my old gelding. He's recently been diagnosed with Cushins and I wanted a supplement to give him some additional support. This has worked wonders. He's hacking out like a 7 year old not a 18 year old!
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"Bluechip original / native"
By Yvonne M. | 13 Sep 2017
Love the Bluechip balancers have used both of these balancers with my horses and they have always gave my girls nice coats and has helped with condition wouldn't use any other balancer
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"Blue Chip Super Calming Balancer"
By Lynn B. | 13 Sep 2017
I have used Blue Chip for my mares, for several years, and found their products have great results, my mares, are calm and concentrate on their work now, without getting silly, or cavorting around with their tails in the air, when pointed at round of jumps.
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"Super Concentrated Calming Balancer "
By Eloise S. | 13 Sep 2017
Been using Blue Chip's Concentrated Calming Balancer for 2 months for my feisty mare and its really helped her concentrate more on the job. She use to be very scared when it comes to fillers but since feeding it (and in regular work) she's more confident about new jumps (still unsure at first but we don't have any nasty stops) also calmer going into the jumps instead of charging at full speed then stopping/awkwardly jumping. It's also helped her condition and build a topline. Doesn't cough as much at the start of a ride. Looking forward to shows now. Thank you Blue Chip for my happier horse!
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"Blue chip calming balancer"
By Jane M. | 13 Sep 2017
I have been using this product for the last 2 months. The difference in my pony is amazing. He,s gone from high head carriage ,tightness in shoulder,s to a nice low relaxed head carriage and nice free movement in his body carriage. 10/10 rating.
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"Super Concentrated Senior Balancer"
By Nicola C. | 13 Sep 2017
I have a 20 year old warmblood who I consistently struggle to keep weight on (he has been checked by a vet). I was having to feed him a lot of bulky beet, but there was just too much food for him to eat in his feeds! Switching to the super concentrated balancer means I can feed him less bulk, but ensure he gets everything he needs. It also includes a digestive supplement so I no longer need to feed anything else for this. He looks great on his current feeding regime and I couldn't be happier with how he looks and feels since swapping onto the super concentrated balancer.
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" super concentrated calming balancer "
By Georgia S. | 13 Sep 2017
This balancer has done wonders with my mare. It keeps her calm and level headed throughout her time living in and also gives her all her vitamins etc. I couldn't recommend anything better as she is a super stroppy Mare and has the biggest attitude and it works
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"Blue Chip Pro"
By Charlotte W. | 13 Sep 2017
The Blue Chip Pro has done amazing wonders on my showjumper for keeping his weight on and condition. I used to struggle keeping his weight on and ended up having to give his huge feeds 3 times a day! Now with Blue Chip Pro I can reduce the amount of his feeds all thanks to this balancer.
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"Super Concentrated Ulsa-Cool Balancer "
By Nicole W. | 13 Sep 2017
Since I've had my pony on Blue Chip Super Concentrated Ulsa-Cool Balancer, I've noticed a big improvement in his appetite, performance and temperament, I really can't recommend it enough!
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